Not an expert, but who really is?  I’m just a dude addicted to Fantasy Football.  On Wednesdays my alarm is set to go off at 3AM to beat my league-mates to the waiver wire.  The best day of my week is when I have no claims to make so I can sleep in.  I’m usually exhausted to say the least.

In 2018 I told my league that I was expecting a baby with my wife.  The baby’s due date was Christmas Day.  I told them in April that I’d win the Championship and take a photo with her and myself underneath my tree holding the Championship trophy …



My wife thinks I’m a child and a complete lunatic for how I act during the games.  She says it’s “not okay” and that I need to grow up.  I don’t care.

This site is how I look at the game of fantasy.  I scream at the TV and then I vent here. I also may give you some good advice.  I don’t do this for a living, but I have a DIAMOND player rating on Yahoo! … no big deal.  Whatever.


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