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Network At Nite: SummerSlam 2014

For some reason I found myself dropping a “ringside city bitch!” on Twitter earlier today in the context that I’m planning on sitting ringside at an indy show in New Jersey in about a month. This got me thinking about Suplex City, which was born on this day IN MY OPINION. Yes, Mania 31 was when he said it, but this was the night where the german suplex became Brock’s go-to. Lesnar hit John Cena with a million suplexes in one of the more memorable matches. In fact, he actually squashed John Cena. Something that just DID NOT happen. Was it a 5 star classic? No? Would it have won a made up WON Award from a guy with zero in-ring credibility? No. But damn was it memorable. It also was the beginning of one of the best marketing campaigns ever where Brock wore a new shirt with the location of Suplex City on every show he was on based on the state/town. An absolute cash cow.


Other than the memorable main event, Hulk Hogan opened the show and was thrown out there in front of a packed crowd to plug the WWE Network for $9.99, which is hilarious considering that as I write this WWE Network is in the midst of being phased out as its own entity.

R.I.P. easy search function.

$9.99 BROTHER!

As for the rest of the card, Miz took on Ziggler for the 20,000th time, Paige beat AJ Lee to become the new Diva’s champion. Shit, who would have thought that only a few years later her in-ring career would come to an end? She was only 22 here. I sure didn’t. Rusev took on Jack Swagger in a “flag match”, and WWE put Rusev over despite Swagger being the most over he’s ever been with WE THE PEOPLE!! Made zero sense, but neither does Rusev’s current gimmick in AEDub, so whatever. Also, Lana still had her accent. Now, not so much.

In the big matches Dean took on Rollins as the SHIELD had recently imploded, Brie fought Stephanie. Steph had some cool ring gear and of course, Roman Reigns (surprise) won a match against Randy Orton, which considering it was only 2014, boy did we have a lot more Roman left to digest.

Enjoy the show.

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