Pro Wrestling

Network At Nite: No Mercy UK 1999

This week’s recommendation comes from across the pond. I’ve had a serious love for 1999 over the past few weeks. It was an awesome year all around and this night in the UK was no different. The event itself took place in the UK, which as you know is a hot bed for pro wrestling fandom. One of the things on my bucket list is to go to a wrestling event there and just experience that special atmosphere. The crowds are just different. Chants all night long, and if a match sucks, the crowd will make it fun. I’ll probably never go at this point because of covid, so I’ll just watch this PPV for the next 50-60 years unless Peacock fucks everything up and we lose everything on the Network.

I’m always fascinated by how PPVs start. Sometimes it’s with a cold open with a match, and sometimes you get a promo. On this night, the music hit and it was the mash up of No Chance In Hell and The Undertaker’s Ministry theme. The Corporate Ministry, lead by Shane O’ Mac, who was the f’n European Champion at the time came to the ring to inform Stone Cold Steve Austin that he’d be taking on Triple H and The Undertaker in an “Anything Goes” match.

“Austin, there is no mercy for you. And you know why? Because Shane McMahon said so!”

Also, I never realized how much wearing all black button downs was a thing in the late 90s. I feel like a shit ton of people wore clothes like this. WHAT’S UP MANCHESTER!!

Second on the card was Tiger Ali Singh vs. Gillberg. Nothing really to see here, but just hilarious that I just watched Gillberg in 2021 do guest spots not too long ago. I remember looking at this dude in 1999 and thinking he was like 55 years old. He’s still got it apparently. I think he’s like 95 now.

He lost.

Other notables is that this was right around the time of the Union, which was one of the worst factions ever. I don’t think I remember them for any segments or matches, but I do remember that they carried 2x4s and Mick Foley actually wore a blue denim shirt.

“You’re gonna have to speak up I only have one ear!”

In other classics, Heel Sable also developed a chest cold out of all the possible colds to get. She made sure that everyone in Manchester was “ready for the grind”, but she was under “doctor’s care”, so she let Nicole Bass beat the shit out of Torrie.

Fast forward to the main event, I was thrown off by Triple H’s entrance because despite the fact that this PPV is taking place 20+ years ago, I still expect him to spit water into the air and stare into the hard cam while jamming to Lemmy.

Austin’s pop was ridiculous. He stunned Chyna at some point and the building almost exploded, but I’m not gonna ruin the finish in case you forgot what it was. Just take my word for it. The UK did not leave disappointed and Earl Hebner may have left fucking hammered.

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