Pro Wrestling

Network At Nite: Slamboree 1998

I’m gonna be honest, the only reason I’m watching Slamboree 98 is because Chris Jericho was on the BarstoolSports Rasslin’ podcast and now I’m in the mood for some late 90s chicken shit heel Jericho.

This is by far my favorite Jericho WCW moment. Yes, even above the Man of 1,004 holds. This is the crown jewel RIGHT HERE!

Other than the Greenberg angle, Jericho vs. Malenko might be his greatest feud. If it’s not his greatest (see: HBK 2008) then it’s gotta be somewhere in the top 4. In fact, other than his WWE debut in 1999, this has to be his biggest “pop”. Sure, it was Malenko getting the pop technically, but we all know it was because of how amazing at trolling Jericho was (and still very much is).

You can hear the pop through this GIF.

Ice man cometh

The whole battle royale was exactly the type of booking that makes for the best moments in wrestling. Jericho steals the show by hilariously announcing each of the competitors and just totally taking a shit on each them. It’s legit one of the funniest segments in pro wrestling history in my opinion, which isn’t an opinion, because it’s true. It’s damn true.

My personal favorites were:

1. Damian, who is so poor he can’t afford a mask, so he uses paint.

2. The winner of the Lou Ferigno look-a-like contest (also from Mexico) El Dandy!

Looks just lke Lou!

3. This guy is Silver King, if he wins 12 more matches he’ll be upgraded to Golden King.

Pure genius.

Other big moments of the night were Bischoff reading a “letter” from Vince McMahon where Vince declined to come on WCW. I think I remember Bruce Prichard actually telling a story about how Vince actually considered it, and if going to their broadcast would be a good idea, despite Vince probably wanting to because he’s that much of an alpha male. Vince is a pyschopath, so I’m pretty shocked he declined the offer. Would have made for some great TV.

DDP also just showed how fucking cool he was, is, and always will be. He took on Raven in a cage and the coolest part may have been the beginning. DDP climbed to the top of that cage, threw up the Diamond Cutter sign and hit the fans with the BANNNNGG!! … God I wish I could go back to the late 90s. Just look at that.


If I had one big issue with this whole PPV it was the ending. You had Bret Hart in a match where it was clear WCW had no idea what to do with him. And to close out the show it was Sting and The Giant vs The Outsiders in the most confusing heel/nwo turn with the Giant joining forces with Scott Hall. Made zero sense, but hey, that’s DUBYA CEE DUBYA for ya!


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