Pro Wrestling

Network At Nite: Backlash 2003

All you need to know about Backlash 2003 is that it opens with Team Angle holding up a framed photo of Kurt Angle.


I’m always a fan of tag team openers, and with Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros you knew the tone would be set from jump street. Underrated classic.

Naturally this match was followed by Roddy Piper coming to the ring with a shit ton of coconuts. Piper is always good for some good genuine “crazy”. Speaking of which, there were some major ECW vibes this night with the Dudleys, RVD and Lance Storm.

The big moments of the PPV were indeed BIG. AEW’s biggest addition (in more ways than one) made for a ridiculous moment that I think we all remember. Only in pro wrestling can you have a 7 foot, 500lb man take a 5’4 luchador, who is on a f’n stretcher and do this.

That’s Rasslin’.

If this wasn’t enough, you get Thuganomics Cena vs. The Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. Absolutely crazy considering where these guys would be almost 17 years later. Brock was super over, but if I’m being honest the craziest thing is seeing Brock with a clean chest sans big ass f’n sword.

If the above wasn’t enticing enough to load up this PPV, what if I told you that Kevin Nash would be rockin’ Big Daddy Cool Diesel gear with the same damn pyro from back in the early 90s … and that HBK and Ric Flair would be in the damn match.

Watch out Booker, I gotta do my fist in the air thing.

And lastly, The Rock vs. Goldberg closed the show. No big deal.

Enjoy your Nite.

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