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Super Deep Leagues: Week 9

What happened to week 8?  Well, it sucked and for deeper leagues, there was nothing of note.  For Week 9 however, QUITE THE CONTRARY …

By this time waivers have run a full day, the dust has settled, BUT with all the injury and practice news coming out, there are moves to be made for us that play in division 1 fantasy football … here we go!


Slayton clearly has a connection with Daniel Jones, and until Sterling Shepard proves that he can play, Slayton might be the Giants big play threat when Saquon isn’t getting the ball.  It’s almost without fail that whenever Jones is feeling it, that Slayton is making a big play or finding himself near the endzone.  If you’re looking for a dart throw, Slayton is the guy and he can be had FOR FREE right now.


This is a pure STASH play … Daniel Jones plays really well against bad defenses.  Insert the New York Jets who just traded one of their best players to the Giants and their actual best player, Jamal Adams, is currently upset with the Jets for “going behind his back”.  Either way, the Giants are “away” against the Jets this week in a showdown at MetLife and I don’t see any reason why Jones doesn’t find the endzone multiple times in this one.   There are a few good QBs with byes week 10, so Jones is the perfect fill in.


Trubisky has been awful in real life and fantasy, but the one cure to that is the Philadelphia Eagles secondary.  Their run defense is quite stout, so to the air Trubisky will have to go in order to fend off the mob from calling for his head.  He may not be the Bears QB for the future, but he should be your fantasy QB for at least this week, if you’re desperate.


Why not?  I actually don’t think this qualifies for super deep leagues as he’s a hot pickup.  However, it’s the 3rd Jaguars WR that is finding the endzone in recent weeks.  Among him, Chark and Cole, the Jags are playing well with Minshew slingin the rock.  This week, they get the Houston Texans who give up a ton in the air.  Not to mention, they just lost JJ Watt for the season, which should give Garner some confidence that he can sit in that pocket for an extra few seconds to look down field.  I like the Jags, and I think I like Conley the most.


Sneaky cheap play here.  This is a dart throw, but it’s a big one because if there’s one guy that can go on a hot streak it’s Taylor Gabriel.  Dating back to last year Gabriel was lighting up the fantasy scoreboards, so who’s to say it can’t happen again?  As stated before with Trubisky, the Eagles secondary is fucking terrible, so I can easily see Gabriel breaking off a big play and taking it to the house.  If you need a flex, he’s an option.


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