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Super Deep Leagues: Week 7 Waiver Wire

To the second half we go … not gonna waste anyone’s time.  Just like every year, the waiver wire will have some potential long shot gems, and for those teams that find themselves on the losing side of things (I’m looking at you 2-4 and 1-5), you need to take some shots.  Here they are:


James Connor left the game in the 3rd quarter last week and didn’t return.  Snell came in and did the job nicely, showing that he has some talent and is worth a flier.  Now there’s a good chance Connor may return after the bye week, however, if you’re looking for a stash that could pay off, Snell is the guy.  Connor has been injured on and off for his entire career, and now he suffers another injury to his leg.  If he couldn’t play, there’s literally no one to compete for backfield touches with Snell.  It would be all Benny, all day long.


Trubisky stunk up the joint when he was healthy, I know.  However! ….  Last year he went on a tear during the 2nd week of the season, even posting a 6 TD game at one point.  He could be lightening in a bottle, so if you’re not satisfied with your current QB situation, throw Mitch a bone.  If he stinks though, well, we knew this going in.  Also, as the Bears D continues to tighten up and shut down teams, field position could leave to some immediate Mitch success, especially with his ability to run.


The Packers WR core is a f’n mess, plain and simple.  Adams is nursing turf toe, Allison is banged up and MVS is all hype and no return.  Allen Lazard on the other hand, well he’s the dude who actually showed some solid rapport with Rodgers in the short stint he had on Monday Night.  If you need to put up a hailmary, this guy should see some burn, but only IF Adams and Allison do not play.  If either of those guys play, I’d stay away.  Monitor this!


Jakobi is another player similar to Lazard.  Nobody knew who this guy was before last week’s game, but they do now.   He’s either currently in your trending section of Yahoo! (or whatever league you use) or he was already picked up by someone who is chasing his latest stat line. If Dorsett and Gordon miss week 7, Myers should be forced into action and at some point, Edelman will be covered enough that Brady must look elsewhere.  This is another dart throw, but at least it’s the GOAT who’s throwing the damn thing to him.


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