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Anyone Else Starting Jon Hilliman Tonight In Fantasy? Come Drink With Me

As I write this I’m on my way home from work with a night of “football” ahead. I’m a Saquon Barkley owner. I’m a Wayne Gallman owner. I’m a Rex Burkhead owner. Because of this, I’m now the “proud” owner of UDFA Jon Hilliman, who comes fully equipped with attachable false hope.


I’m still drinking. Beverage of choice? A cut water, Vodka Soda from Penn Station. You see, I eat my feelings and tonight will inevitably push me down the road of a caloric surplus as I drown my sorrows in my current 2-3 record and much maligned Fantasy Season. I didn’t want this, but here I am. As the ride continues, I find myself entering a spinzone at every stop.

Maybe Hilliman is a diamond in the ruff? Maybe the safety from last week when he was hit 5 feet behind the line of scrimmage was a fluke? Maybe, just maybe he’s better than what we’ve seen?


I find myself looking at the weather forecast. It’s gross in Foxborough. There’s gonna be rain and heavy winds north of 30mph. IT’S A RUNNING FOOTBALL GAME, GOD DAMMIT! THAT’S THE GAME SCRIPT! The Giants will commit to the run, get a pass interference penalty on the 1 yard line at some point and get me my 6 points on a Jon Hilliman rush up the gut … in the 4th quarter … with the Giants down 35-21. It will most likely be the last touchdown of Jon Hilliman’s NFL career. Hopefully he finishes his career with 3 TDs.

“Believe it and it will happen.” – Michael Strahan

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