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Super Deep Leagues: Week 6 Waiver Wire

The following will not be quick.  You will not enjoy this.  This my friends and fellow degenerates is the Week 6 Waiver Wire aftermath.  Waivers have ran, your anxiety is finally gone after debating what bid to place and now, here we are.  To date, these could very well be the most desperate of desperate plays for 2019.

Again, this is for super deep leagues only.  Most of these guys will NEVER, EVER, be owned in other formats and rightfully so, because they are in fact, not fantasy relevant for season long formats.  These are straight up go-to-church-and-light-a-candle-fliers.  Lord, take me now.

Here we go!


Hand to God, I thought his name was Ron Hillman up to about 20 minutes ago and that’s AFTER I won him for an earth shattering $2.00 FAAB.  As you all know, I am a Saquon Barkley and Wayne Gallman owner, so please welcome yourself to my sad reality.  I am currently rostering 3 Giants Running Backs heading into a matchup against the Pats, who haven’t even up a TD all year.  Both Saquon and Gallman are not projected to play tomorrow night.  Gallman is definitely out, while Saquon is tickling our balls by saying “he doesn’t know if he’s playing”.  Quite frankly, I don’t buy it, and I’m the dude that has actually gone to Church this week to pray he’s active.  Insert the next man up, Jon Hillman, an unrestricted free agent who has the luxury of having absolutely ZERO competition for running back duties.  The Giants other RB is Elijjah Penny, who was converted into a fullback … I think … sure?  Anyway, Foxboro should be gross and windy tomorrow night and I can’t see Bill and the Pats game planning for this guy.  When you’re up 21-0 at the half, who gives a shit if you give up a few yards on the ground.


But .. but .. but I thought Kalen Ballage was the backup?  Yeah, me too!  I actually was big on Ballage coming into the season, but clearly I was wrong there.  Ballage has been so bad that he’s now losing work to a backup running back, not the starter. Saying he’s losing work to Drake would be an insult.  Insert Mark Walton who has no value probably outside of this week against Washington.  He’s a change of pace back at best, but in a game where both defenses probably won’t show up, he’s a decent plug and play.


Pringle is easily one of the coolest names in the NFL.  Kinda reminds me of when JuJu hit the scene.  Pringle is another guy that took major advantage of opportunity given.  With Hill out and Sammy Watkins suffering his 20th hamstring injury of his career, Pringle was put into 3 WR sets immediately and hit paydirt.  He paid off immediately putting up over 100 yards and a TD.  If there’s one thing about the Chiefs skill position players is that you need to get in on them while they’re hot.  If Hill doesn’t play, Pringle could be a homerun play at your flex position.


Duke Williams went 4 for 4 with a TD against a great defense in the Titans.  That was his last and first impression since Buffalo has week 6 off. With a bye week for the Bills, no one is gonna remember this guy … except us of course!  The Bills have Miami in Week 7, so if this guy is ever gonna have the chance to keep this “hot streak” (of one game) alive, this is it.  This is only for desperate situations OR dynasty.  Also, I’m bias towards anyone whose name is Duke.  Just a great name.


Sam Darnold will apparently not die if he gets hit in week 6.  That’s a good thing.  We haven’t seen much of Darnold in his sophmore season due to making out with a bunch of questionable chicks and contracting mono.  But he’s back now, and he’s got his shiney toy in Bell just dying to have a signal caller get him the ball.  Darnold also has rapport with guys like Robby Anderson and Jamison Crowder, who lead the league in targets briefly (for one week) before Darnold had to take a leave of absence.  Lastly, if you’re struggling at QB for the week or just in general, Darnold could stop the bleeding, on your team and from his spleen.


Everyone and their mother will want Gerald Everett.  In fact, he may have went for pretty decent FAAB or waiver priority this morning.  When this happens, you can lock it in stone that THE OTHER GUY will catch the TD this week.  Also, if anyone watched the game last week, they know that Higbee almost took a screen pass for a TD last week.  It’s a coin flip, despite Everett’s recent success.







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