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Burgess’s DFS: Quick Picks for Thursday Night Football Showdown (Rams-Seahawks)


What’s up, Heels? I’m going to be giving you some of my picks for tonight’s Thursday night Showdown slate featuring the Rams and Seahawks.

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But first, who am I? Dan Burgess, straight out of Massachusetts in a town you have never heard of. I have played Draftkings and Fanduel for almost 7 years now. In the past couple years, I have won a few tournaments on DraftKings and became the anti-Christ to guys that do this for a living. Warning: I do NOT do this for a living. However, I find myself to be like most of you: a hard-working adult…okay, okay- a working adult with wife and/or kids that actually has some sort of budget. I have won over $30K on DK (humble brag, no really that’s not a lot for some of these guys out here) but I do it spending $20-$40 a slate…not a grand or more like the dudes on Youtube you see with backwards hats, fantasy algorithm website T-shirts, a Monster energy drink in one hand and a mouse clicking away at a Pro Football Focus matchup grid in the other. I simply decide if I like a game or games in the NFL and I will put in multiple entries either $3 or $10 or sometimes, rarely, $20 a pop. I’m the guy the pros typically hate.

Tonight. Rams vs Seahawks. A divisional game. A divisional THURSDAY NIGHT game. So right there, you have been warned. You can dress it up all you want but the majority of the time, Thursday night games STINK. Mostly because both teams are playing on a short week and divisional opponents play each other harder. Jets-Pats, Ravens-Steelers, Packers-Bears…it typically sounds better than it is. Points can sometimes not go the way you imagine because it can get sloppy.

With that said- these aren’t the same Rams and Seahawks from a few years ago. 3-5 years ago, I wouldn’t even TOUCH this game. I would just skip the game altogether and watch Netflix. But this year, these teams are different. But again, remember, it’s THURSDAY night. Be careful. If the final score is 13-10, don’t come knocking on my door and at me on Twitter. That’s on you.

Best Captain picks: Russell Wilson ($15900, $10600)  and Cooper Kupp ($14400, $9600)

Russell is DangeRuss. No but really he does a lot and tends to heat up in games in Primetime. He’s playing at home. The offense runs through him. I usually hate quarterbacks at this spot but he does a lot and runs too. Rams D just gave up 385 yards and 4 TDs to JAMEIS WINSTON. Get in on Russ either at captain or flex in the Showdown slates. Fading him would be very dumb. (Watch- he will suck now. No but really he won’t.) Keep in mind he’s the most expensive player on the slate so he eats up almost a third of your salary from the jump if you put him in the Captain’s seat. Primetime. Home. Dome. Rams D. Do it.

Kupp is the most important cog in the Rams offense. Other than Sean McVay’s voice in Goff’s ear telling him exactly what to do every play and what audible to call but yeah it’s Cooper. He’s the highest scoring player on average in this entire slate. This Seahawks defense gave up 26 points to a bad Steelers team and 33 points to the Saints without Brees. This isn’t the Legion of Boom anymore folks. Sure, they have Clowney now but he will look good against teams like Arizona. Kupp is most likely the most receptions and the best chance at scoring at least 1 TD. He’s great in cash games too.

Flexin’ Remaining Picks

  1. Tyler Higbee ($2000): I know doesn’t look great but he’s cheap $2000 and can get you more than enough value if he scores. He’s been okay and Seahawks have not been good against tight ends. This is a risky pick but it could hit.
  2. Zuerlein ($3400): I know! STOP IT, DAN! ENOUGH! But here’s the thing. He’s cheaper and he is averaging almost 12 points a game as a KICKER. If this game is sloppy or a shoot out, he’s a safe pick.
  3. Carson ($8200) and Gurley ($8800): I think either are fine in this spot. Mostly because if this becomes a 30-27 game, everyone is going to get fed. Gurley’s average got warped from the Bucs game so take that game out of the equation and he’s been okay. Seahawks have been good against the run but are giving up lots of receptions to RBs, so keep that in mind. Carson is a great tandem with Wilson. Might make sense for a stack since both run. If this becomes a high scoring game, they will be the core of the points for the Seahawks.
  4. Lockett ($9400): He’s going to be big time chalk in this slate but it’s warranted. He’s facing an iffy Rams secondary. Metcalf makes sense for the contrarian pick if Lockett soaks up the coverage. We saw this with Godwin last week. But, let’s get this straight- these two are not pulling off what Godwin and Evans put up last week. If you play Wilson, you got to play one of these guys in a stack with him.
  5. Will Dissly ($7600): I know Nick isn’t a big fan of this guy. I am not completely sold on him in terms of consistency but he’s been doing well. Rams are 11th against the TE spot but Dissly is averaging over 5 targets a game now, he saw 8 last game and snagged a TD. Now, mind you, the Cards are TERRIBLE against the TE so take note of that. But, he’s averaging well right now and may be worth stacking with Russ.

The DFSer Beware:

Goff- I don’t trust him. He turns the ball over a lot even though his passing volume is there. He needs Daddy McVay to be his eyes.

Cooks and Woods- so interchangeable at this point, either one can have a booming game but there’s such a timeshare here for looks that it can get dicey.

Defenses: There’s a chance one of these defenses scores. However, neither defense has wowed this season yet. Both have been pedestrian in Fantasy with about 8 PPG. A kicker can get you that. This isn’t a Bears or Patriots defense either way getting you 20+ points.


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