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Austin Ekeler Owners: Do You SELL or HOLD? Let’s Talk About It …

If you drafted Melvin Gordon in August then you’ve probably put some champagne on ice and bought a few White Claws in case you wanted to get really crazy.   As reported yesterday, Gordon is heading back TODAY to the Chargers and plans to take back his spot as the workhorse RB1.

On the flip side of Gordon being back and the champagne popping are the Austin Ekeler owners, who have benefited during his holdout in more ways than one could have ever imagined.  This is how I envision them reading Rapoport’s tweet ..

the oc what GIF

Ekeler showed up in 2019 as the #1RB in all of Fantasy after week 1, something absolutely no one saw coming.  Now, with Gordon back, Ekeler owners are going to be met with a choice.  Do you sell or do you hold?  Let’s take a look at both sides of that decision:


I tend to lean on this side of the decision.  When you draft Ekeler you knew this was going to be the reality.  If anything, you’re spoiled by his production.  You’ve grown accustom to the RB1 numbers you saw in the first two weeks and you’re not prepared to say goodbye.  Well, I hate to break it to you, but those days are gone as long as Melvin Gordon is on the field.  He will command 20 touches and all goal line work.  HOWEVER, you should still hold Ekeler.  If you haven’t traded him by now, you should consider him a great asset to have.  He’s the perfect bye week or flex option in all formats.  He’s one of the rare players that doesn’t need 20 touches to put up top numbers.  He’s done it before, where he’s created and finished big plays to finish in the top 15 of RBs on a given week AND seen volume when game script dictates it.  I’d hold and not necessarily look at him as a lesser asset, but just for what he is.


If you haven’t sold Ekeler by now, then I’m sorry, but you missed the boat.  You missed the Titanic potentially.  A handcuff’s worth is only high when there is still speculation around the lead back returning.  As long as Gordon wasn’t confirmed to come back, then there were still technically RB1 projected weeks for Ekeler.  I recommend to not sell obviously, but if you were, you should go to the team with the least amount of RB depth possible.  Because of Ekeler’s recent production, you can still sell decently high as the stigma may have not completely worn off to inexperienced owners.

Also, find that Melvin Gordon owner and offer Ekeler as both a flex option and lottery ticket handcuff.  In fact, I’d argue that Ekeler is one of the greatest assets to own in all of Fantasy, as he’s one of the rare commodities that can act as a Flex on a weekly basis, as well as a handcuff that can turn into RB1 numbers if called upon.

RB1 numbers … if was good while it lasted.


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