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Super Deep Leagues: Week 4 Waiver Wire

It’s Wednesday, which means waivers have ran and the scraps are still out there.  Week 4 marks the first week of Byes, so usually the waiver wire begins to see an uptick as owners of certain players must course-correct and adjust depending on their record.  For example, if you’re 3-0, you’re probably not scared to be aggressive, eat a week or plug in a not-so great option.  If you’re 0-3 however, you might be playing DFS (Daily Fantasy) and need to assemble the best roster available.

Anyway, obviously Wayne Gallman, Daniel Jones lead the way with this waiver period.  Those guys are long gone, I personally even bid a disgusting amount for Jones and embarrassed myself in the process with how badly I read the market.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re a Giants fan and Jared Goff is a living, breathing display of mediocrity who you thought was going to be a points monster when you drafted him in August.

Let’s take a look at who COULD be left:


Diontae Johnson may turn out to be what James Washington was hyped up to be.  An athletic freak that can stretch the field and beat defenders.  As is the case with most QB changes, rapport will decide who benefits and now, through one whole game of Mason Rudolph, we can see that Johnson was a beneficiary of the change under center .. at least for one game.   6 targets and 3 receptions for 52 and a TD isn’t an incredible stat, but it isn’t irrelevant, especially not the first game in.  He scored on a big play, which is always useful in fantasy when you’re talking about deeper leagues where boom or bust options are more commonly used and sought after.


I know what you’re thinking …

Connor Mc Gregor Who The Fuck Is That Guy GIF - ConnorMcGregor WhoTheFuckIsThatGuy GIFs

Yeah, I know.  Knox is filling in for the injured Tyler Kroft.  In one day of “real” action, he scored a TD and put up 67 yards against a shitty Cincinnati defense.  Next week, there’s the Pats, who will probably be up a billion by half time if the Bills can’t get the run game going.  If they fail to keep it close by the half, expect Allen to have to drive the ball down field, making Knox an option for some garbage points on short intermediate throws.


Keke Coutee is no longer a thing, but Kenny Stills is.  He’s all but taken over the #3 spot in the Texans WR pecking order.  6 targets, 4 receptions for 89 yards is a solid stat line for a dude that was supposed to be a boom option with low targets.  If anything, it looks like his rapport with Watson is improving.  If you’re in a 14-16 league format, he’s the perfect player to have on your bench as bye weeks approach.  Plug him in, close your eyes and pray for some broken coverage.


There’s a lot of RBs trying out this week.  CJ Anderson (again), Jay Ajayi, Benny Cunningham, Zach Zenner and pretty much anyone else that may try out for the Giants.



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