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What Does Daniel Jones Mean For Your Giants Players?

Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram, Sterling Shepard and eventually Golden Tate.  A LOT rides on today as Daniel MUTHAFUCKA Jones makes his first start as an NFL Quarterback after being taken 6th overall by the Giants in this year’s draft.

The players listed above are without question the only Giants worth rostering at the moment.  In fact, I’d even add Daniel Jones himself to that list out of pure speculation, because just like Gardner Minshew this past Thursday, you never know what QB is going to become fantasy relevant in this current landscape, which given the injuries, is horrendous.

Here’s the outlook:


The Giants can’t be any less competitive than they have been the first 2 weeks of the season, which in my eyes means that Saquon is safe and you can expect his usual, with a 100 all purpose yards and the upside of Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet.  Jones can obviously hand the ball off and it’s not like the game plan for defenses in weeks 1 and 2 wasn’t to stop Saquon.  The thing to look for here is whether or not Jones can extend the field and make his WRs a threat so the attention comes off Barkley (a bit).  I think Jones’ use of his legs will at least accomplish one huge thing in fantasy, and that’s extend drives and move the chains, getting Giants top offensive weapon more reps and more redzone tries.


Eli had a great rapport with Engram and considering his ADP and where you (may) have drafted him, I’d be most worried about this investment.  Engram was clearly Eli’s top target, even above Sterling Shepard.  In 2 games, Engram saw 22 targets, that’s 11 PER GAME for a TE, which is a massive share and easily in the top of the TE food chain (fuck me for drafting OJ Howard).  In order for Engram owners to be put at ease, they’re going to want to see that share stay the same for as long as Golden Tate is suspended.  On the positive side, the TE should be a rookie’s best friend, with check downs being a option taken often.


The Giants #1 WR options (at the moment).  In week 1, Shepard saw 7 targets and hauled in 6 of them for 42 yards.  With Eli, you have to think that this week 1 stat line would have become all too familiar considering the Giants reluctance to stretch the field for big plays.  With Jones, there’s hope.  Shepard is already on record saying there’s more “zip” to Jones’ passes, so it’ll be a wait and see for this connection.  Just on sheer volume alone, Shepard should be a solid flex play.  When our next Giant listed below returns though, all bets are off.


Tate was signed in the offseason and was suspended for 4 games, setting back the Giants offense even further than thought possible.  We have no idea what this will look like, so my advice would be to HOLD if you’re an owner.  Tate’s name alone holds weight, so if he has a big game in his first opportunity back on the field, he could be a trade option for a team in need of FLEX plays or that’s hurting at WR.  Right now, his value is tied to his name and reputation.  There’s no projection here, however, if there’s one thing about Golden Tate that we know, it’s that intermediate routes is where he makes his money (some a rookie QB might desperately need).

Nonetheless, it’s a good day to be a Giants fan!

*It could also end up being terrible and depressing.

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