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If You Own Marcus Mariota In Fantasy Football Then I Can’t Trust You As A Person

This guy stinks.  I don’t know how many more years need to go by until people stop giving this guy the benefit of the doubt or claim that he can “beat you in so many ways“.  Listen, in the real NFL world, Mariota is a backup.  Plain and simple.  He’s got a great Defense, a powerful stud running back and WRs with talent, yet somehow he is still the most cringeworthy player in the NFL on a weekly basis.  If he’s not given good field position, you can call it a day.

And yes, I know he scored 15 fantasy points last night against the Jags, which isn’t terrible, but WHY, OH WHY, would you want to put yourself in a position that you have to watch this guy on a weekly basis.  Even if you’re streaming him, you’re a fool, and God forbid you start this guy, I mean I don’t know what to tell ya.  You should probably be on the FBI Watch List because you are 100% a danger to society.  I just can’t trust you.  I MEAN LOOK AT THIS SHIT … This has NOTHING to do with who is his coach, team turnover, nothing … it’s all right there for him.

Could you imagine owning Delanie Walker?  I went to bed thanking the good Lord that I didn’t because I don’t what I would have done.  Probably would have been in the market for a new TV.

I can guarantee there isn’t a person in Tennessee that wants this guy as their QB another day longer.  On a fantasy level, I’d rather start Josh Rosen.  At least the Dolphins are entertaining in a hilarious way and be playing catch up. This guy Mariota is just a fun killer.  He kills fun and redzone opportunities.  Do you know who the ONLY person that likes Marcus Mariota and his brand of football?  Do ya? …


This fucking guy.

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