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TNF: Jags vs. Titans Player Outlook

Just writing that title made me tired.  Tonight’s Thursday Night showdown has the making of an absolute snoozefest, but nonetheless, we will watch because we are addicts with no desire for a cure.  Bring on the pain. With Nick Foles done for pretty much the entire year, the Jags went from one of the more interesting and unknown teams, to just an unknown team.  On the Titans side, the Defense has been the highlight of their season, with Derek Henry stuffing his doubters in a figurative and quite possibly, literal locker.

Below is what to expect in a quick and rather obvious, Start/Sit.  For the most part, these are the players you’re thinking about throwing out there on a Thursday Night where your week can either be made or absolutely ruined …



Josh Lambo –  Yep, this is it for the Jags.  The f’n kicker. If you stream kickers, I could see this guy having all the points for the Jags tonight.  I’m talking 4 FGs in an ugly game.  Sure, this means you’ll be pulling your eyes out watching this garbage, but you’ll be feeling great with a double-digit output from your special teams.  There’s nothing like a big game from your kicker to drive your opponent nuts.


LEONARD FOURNETTE – Fournette has been very disappointing to start the season, and now he gets to face a top Defense on a short week.  Not the greatest recipe for a running back.  However, if there’s one undisputed king of stats in Fantasy, it’s volume and Fournette gets ALL OF IT, literally.  With that said, he’s most likely to score a TD for the Jags in my opinion, with the only thing standing in his way being the Jags ability to drive the ball down the field with their new starting QB.  That’s a big “if” though.  He could also run for 60 yards and call it a night.  If you have other options, go with them.

EVERYONE ELSE – I just don’t see where the other production comes from outside of a potential play that is born out of broken coverage.  Last week against the Texans the Jags top WR, Dede Westbrook caught 1 pass on 5 targets.  That’s Hashtag #notgood.  While Mindshew talks a big game and shows off that swag, the fact is that we’ve only seen him miss wide open receivers to date.  I just don’t have any faith that he’ll make this a high scoring game.  If anything, he’ll ride Fournette when he can, to what will most likely be a brick wall of defenders.

*I also do not like the Jags DST here because I don’t see the Titans throwing the ball a ton.  They’re a conservative offense and know that when they let Mariota air it out, trouble follows.  Because of this, I don’t see any major opportunities for turnovers.



DEREK HENRY – He’s the engine of this entire offense and has pretty much made Dion Lewis irrelevant.  Behind a solid line and using his deceptive speed (maybe not so much anymore), Henry has put up elite stats the last two weeks.  Now while the Jags front is nothing to laugh at, it’s actually quite good, I still see Henry’s volume and ability to catch the ball as a key to his success (and yours).

DELANIE WALKER – I love Walker this year.  He’s not the most exciting player in the world, but he’s super consistent and always sure-handed, which is exactly what Mariota needs.  In a game where I see the Defenses clamping down and applying pressure, I’d expect Mariota to use short intermediate passes to work the chains and control the clock.

TITANS DST – Minshew is about to go up against, in my opinion, the best Defense he has seen in his short stint at the helm of the Jags.  If the Titans can find a way to score early, he’ll have to try and push the ball down field, which means opportunity for the Titans defensive unit to get a ton of takeaways.


COREY DAVIS – The guys is straight up cursed with Mariota as his QB.  Super talented, but they just can’t seem to get the ball to him on a regular basis.  I think if you start him, you’ll be disappointed.  The Jags are still one of the best Defenses in the league.  Maybe they’re not the same squad from 2017, but they can still shut down a passing game.  Davis is the defacto #1 in the offense in the air, but I don’t think that’s something to boast about.








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