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Super Deep Leagues – Week 3 Waiver Wire

It’s Wednesday which means your waivers just ran.  You know the drill, let’s see what’s left over for us dudes in 14-16 league formats …


Wilson is 3rd on the “depth chart” in San Fran and I use quotes because it’s not so much about who is 1st, 2nd or 3rd, but what usage is required for the 49ers on a given Sunday (or Thursday or Monday).  With Coleman on the shelf, Wilson has an opportunity, which apparently comes in the form of the “preferred goal line back”.  Last week he got 10 carries, 2 of which went for TDs.   If you’re desperate for a plug and play option as we approach Week 4 bye weeks, he’s a good dart throw.  Just look at this push …


Who? Yeah, I know.  CJ Anderson just got cut and the Lions signed Paul Perkins to round out their RB core.  I’m a Giants fan and can confirm that Perkins does in fact, stink! While Kerryon Johnson is the RB to own in Detroit, you just can’t ignore how Matt Patricia uses his RBs, which is quite possibly the biggest nightmare of a system any fantasy owner can find themselves with a share of.  Johnson looks to get touches despite Kerryone being super talented and the clear best chance of Detroit winning.  How many?  I don’t know, but he’s apparently talented enough for them to cut an establish body like CJA.  Again, we’re talking 14-16 League Formats here, so while this may look desperate to some, it may look exploratory to others.


The Eagles are banged up big time and it looks as though Alshon could miss some time.  If he does, it means that Nelson Agholor is the lead WR, however, Whiteside is a rookie with upside (just hearing rookie with upside gets me going).  He’s an unknown with talent, which means he’s worth rostering for at least the week to see if him and Wentz catch fire and establish a connection.  If not, you drop him and move on, but it’s worth the chance in what should be a high powered offense this year.


I think Rudolph can play and be effective on a weekly basis.   He can wins games.  In the time he had to play last week, he put 2 TDs on the board and showed a knack for being in the pocket and looking confident, especially on that nice Mahomes-esque pass to Vance McDonald.  Are you starting him this week?  Hell no, but if he’s a guy that decides to air it out and use a little athleticism to get some cheap fantasy points via rushing yards, why not?  Also, there’s just not enough QBs available right now that are great finds.  It’s a wasteland.  If you lost your QB in redraft (Brees, Big Ben) and are looking for a replacement, roster some upside.  Ya never know!


Another week, another 5 targets.  Eifert, like others, is a TD dependent TE, however he used to be one of the top threats at his position before injuries put him out of action for what seemed like 2 years.  Right now he seems healthy, so if he can get it going, he might just be Fantasy relevant for the long haul in an offense where the TE (Eifert himself), used to be a main cog.  After all, he has always been a preferred Redzone target of Dalton and with no AJ Green to throw a fade to, Eifert might be the guy to look for.  If you’re desperate, he’s worth the add and possible stream.


You damn right I listed a kicker.  I don’t care what anyone says, when a dude puts up 12 and 16 points respectively in his first two weeks, he should be rostered.  That’s a difference maker.  With Cam hurting, FG chances may come a plenty as drives get halted in the redzone.  Not to mention, when given the chance to knock it down from 50+, he’s done so and with confidence.  I know Pat McAfee would be proud of this dude.


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