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Quarterbacks Are Back In Style – Get Your Positional Advantage NOW!

You spent the last 4 months driving around in your car, pretending that you’re doing errands for the family while your wife and kids are home.  You’re the Father of the year in their book, taking on the burden of being both the hunter and gatherer of the household.  You are appreciated and your actions were all in good faith.  A selfless act if you will.

This of course, however, is a lie.  A big fucking lie.  You weren’t actually doing these errands in good faith.  You weren’t scouring the aisles of Target looking for the right formula brand for your newborn.  Of course not.  You’re a degenerate.  You know exactly what you were doing.  You know damn well you were listening to every Fantasy Football podcast under the sun to get those tidbits of advice that would allow you to, on a day close to Christmas morning, shit talk your friends and ram your league’s Fantasy trophy down their fucking throats!

Now, during those months of grinding down the aisles of Target there was one common, unmistakable theme from all the experts.  Draft a QB and draft them late.  It’s the most well known strategic move in all of Fantasy.  QBs get points, so there’s no point in investing an early round pick.  For fuck sake, one of the industry’s leading expert holds the moniker of @lateroundQB.  It’s that deep.  It’s that certain.  It’s set in stone.

… and up until this week this strategy held up.  The value of the QB was never high, but it is now.  The NFL, after week 2 is a QB wasteland.  So many have fallen and there are only a few left, some of which are elite, or as I like to call them, the difference makers and a true positional advantage in Fantasy Football.

Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Big Ben – DONE.

Cam – His Ankle Sucks.

Brees – Surgery.

Foles – Out for the season

Eli – LOL, no one was rostering him.

Luck – retired.

Right now there is a major shift in positional advantage and finally QB is about to see its day.  Teams in deep leagues will be forced to play bums like Mitch Trubisky and coin flips like Kirk Cousins.  Am I getting 25 points or 6?  Who knows?  This is why right now I urge you to ignore all the advice you heard around the QB position and go out and pay for one.  Get that advantage to score an easy win because your buddy was forced to start Jimmy Garrapolo.  Make that trade for a top notch gunslinger.  Take advantage of a situation where you can plug in 20-30 points while your opponent risks Andy Dalton turning back into a pumpkin.  Do it and do it now, before its too late.

You’ve been warned.

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