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Reminder: The Ravens Played The Dolphins, So Save Your FAAB

If you’re like me, you’re a fantasy football degenerate, ignoring life’s responsibilities to sit on your couch and yell at games that you in fact have no control over.  If you fall into this category, then you know damn well that Lamar Jackson and the Ravens put up an ungodly amount of points on the Miami Dolphins.

You may be thinking … “I gotta get Hollywood Brown!”

You may be thinking … “I gotta get that bum Willie Snead.”

Here’s what you should be thinking.  NOTHING.  Don’t touch any of these dudes.  The bottom line is that yes, the “fantasy experts” of the world will proclaim victory on how great Lamar Jackson is and ya know what, for one week, let them have their day.  But remember, every Sunday is different, which means that the Ravens will not be playing the Dolphins every Sunday.  I’m not saying don’t bid on these guys, you totally can, but get them at your price, not Twitter’s price.

If you look at the numbers, Brown wasn’t even on the field for majority of the day.  12 snaps? WHAT? … 12?  Yep.  His efficiency was through the roof, which isn’t surprising considered the Dolphins didn’t game plan with a defensive game plan.  Hell, they might as well just have played with a front four and told the rest of the team to head over to the next town.

Long story short, do not spend a ton of your FAAB on these guys.  WR is and always will be the deepest position in all of fantasy.  This is why dudes like John Ross go off and can be a great plug and play in a good matchup.  Don’t fall into the trap.  Save your FAAB for when a player of better value, such as a handcuff running back comes available.

In Lamar Jackson’s press conference he said “Not bad for a running back.”  What he should have said was “Yea, Miami is really fucking bad.”

Save your cash or its your ass.

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