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BREAKING: LaGarrette Blount Is Not Good. Kerryon Johnson Is Good.


Matt Patricia, CUT THE SHIT!  I am sick and tired of these “football guys” just doing things for the sake of “football”.  Why is it that it’s only football coaches that are paid millions of dollars to coach football games who refuse to make obvious decisions that will benefit their football team?  I don’t understand it.  Take the pencil out of your ear and calculate Johnson’s yards per carry MINUS Blount’s yards per carry.  The difference is what you lose out on for nothing short of stupidity.

Trust me, I’m not alone in this thinking …

While you’re at it, go ask Marvin Lewis how the Bengals did last year when they decided to start Jeremy Hill, a running corpse instead of Joe Mixon, one of the most powerful and electric running backs in the game.   Spoiler: it wasn’t good.

Now, while I might be biased because I’m a Kerryon Johnson fantasy owner and truther, I can’t help but believe that I’m not alone when I say that it’s clear as day that Kerryon Johnson is a three-down back in the NFL.  Which is why it drives me absolutely nuts that I have to sit there on a Sunday Night and watch LaGarrette Blount catch screen passes and get 2 yards after the catch by falling over himself when Kerryon Johnson would get at least 7-10 yards after the catch on those same plays.   How do I know this will happen?  BECAUSE IT HAPPENED EVERY TIME KERRYON TOUCHED THE BALL.  No seriously, like other than 2 touches he basically had positive yardage.  And don’t give me that “keep him fresh” nonsense either.  The kid just starting drinking (legally) like a couple years ago.

And I’ll be honest.  The Lions got a gift last night.   They were LUCKY that the Patriots had one of the worst off nights I’ve ever seen, because I’ll tell you what, if that same game happened next week, Tom Brady would drop 3 TDs on you and you’d be asking yourself “WHY DID I WASTE A DOWN ON LAGARRETTE BLOUNT?!!”

And you know what else drives me up the wall?  … I simply cannot stand this “he’s a rookie” BULLSHIT.  Did the Cowboys play Zeke EVERY OTHER DOWN in his rookie campaign?  No … they ran the F’N ROCK and guess what, last time I checked they were pretty f’n good that year.  So Patricia, get your head out of your ass and RUN THE BALL with KERRYON MY WAYWARD SON and maybe the Lions will get something sustainable going for not just a mad dash at the end that’ll most likely end in heartbreak and a Matt Stafford Injury.

Lastly, regarding the game, I don’t give a DAMN that the Lions beat the Patriots.  It means nothing.  You’re not going to be able to hold the ball for 3/4 the game every week.  You’re gonna have to move the chains, you’re gonna have to come from behind and you’re gonna have to compete.  Kerryon Johnson is a game-changer and LaGarrette Blount is a channel changer.  If I wanted to watch a guy run into his O-Lineman’s ass, I’d watch Mark Sanchez highlights on YouTube.

Simply.  Stop with the shit.  Use your head and play the best players.


Lions Fans and Fantasy Owners of Kerryon Johnson (and Matt Prater because FGs count too and you need to get close to the redzone for that).


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