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If Josh Gordon Goes To The Cowboys I’ll Throw Up


My Giants play the Cowboys today and unlike past years, I have the utmost confidence.  In my opinion, the Cowbody STINK.  They have 1 player, count it, ONE … PLAYER and his name is Zeke Elliott.  I don’t want to hear about Dak Prescott.  That dude is bum and was a product of a system that is long gone.   When Cole Beasley is your biggest threat in the passing game, your team STINKS.

With that said, I can’t have Josh Gordon going to the Cowboys.  If he does, it’ll be a serious shot to my outlook for the Dallas Cowboys, which is similar to the Giants of 2017 … bad.  Gordon going to the Cowboys would piss me off for these two main reasons:

  1. He’s a vintage Jerry Jones guy because Jerry doesn’t give a shit about your character or what your issues are off the field.  If you’re good, he’s gonna sign you and he’s gonna play you.  Because of this, the Cowboys will get EXACTLY what they need in the deep threat game to allow themselves to get back to form.  F’ That!  I need them to stink.
  2.  He’s not on my Fantasy Team.

It’s annoying enough that I’m a Rodgers owner and have to sweat his sprained knee.  It’s bad enough that I’m a Bell and Conner owner and have to watch this drama play before my eyes.  AND it’s even more annoying that somewhere, someone out there is going to benefit from Josh Gordon being a fuck up.  He potentially might find himself in a better situation than he is now, which bothers me, because in my opinion it’s about time that bad luck run its course on someone other than myself in the Fantasy Game.

There’s only so much a dude can take, am I right?


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