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The James Conner Fantasy Family … LET US BAND TOGETHER!

We are about 20 minutes away from starting James Conner.  Some of us drafted Le’Veon Bell, some drafted James Conner, some of us panicked and traded the house for Conner’s services and lastly, some of us spent more FAAB on Conner than cash on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage.  At the end of the day, we’re all the same at 1PM.

No matter how you got here, you’re here.  You were smart enough to secure James Conner.  Now, unlike John Conner, the leader of the Resistance (Terminator) and the overrated Jets fullback, this Conner is BUILT TO FUCKING GO! The dude beat cancer.  He’s wildly talented.  He’s a ferocious runner who can break tackles and take it to the house if given a crease.  Is he Le’Veon Bell, hell no, but no one is.  But what James Conner is in fact, is our guy today.  He … is … James … Conner.  His own man, and dammit, our savior for this Fantasy week 1.

The weather is shit.  The run game is a must and #30 is the guy who is going to get the rock.  I have faith and you should to.  I’ve watched Conner’s YouTube highlights no less than 18 times since Thursday, so I can firmly say that I’m now an expert in player evaluation.  I’m serious, it’s like an 11 minute video and I’ve watched it 18 times at a minimum.

Again, we drafted him.  We overpaid for him.  We spent a ridiculous amount of FAAB on him.  Because of this, make no mistake about it, we’re in this together.  Every broken tackle.  Every hole.  We’re all taking the same blows and heading toward that endzone.  Conner is looking to win a game and put himself on the map and we’re lookin’ for a minimum of 20+ Fantasy Points.  Goals baby, we all got goals.

Let’s do this.  TOGETHER.

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