What an Absolute Crapfest to Start the NFL Season

So yesterday, like it was for most of you with a pulse, was a glorious day. Yesterday was the first official game of the NFL season, with our now yearly Thursday night opener between the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles (typing that as a Jet fan with the way Slingin Sammy D has looked so far was like a shot of hope) versus the most talented team that is coached like complete dogshit, the Atlanta Falcons. This should have, on paper, been a good game with lots of action. A real nice collection of talent for both teams on both sides of the ball. Plus, it’s the start of a new season so how could this be bad, right?

Wrong. oh lord was that not how things went last night at ALL. What a horrendous game all around. First off, dogshit QB play on both sides. 12.4 and 26.2 are the QBR numbers for this game. Matty Melted Ice throwing for under 50%. Foles threw for a grand total of 117 with no TDs & a pick. TWENTY SIX PENALTIES. TWENTY SIX. 235 yards of penalties. And the cherry on top: a lightning delay so kickoff was at 9:15. I had to stay up to watch this trashtastic display of 18-12 football just to make sure my bet was safe (eagles +1) since neither team could pull away. And to top it all off, another night of tons of yards (169) with zero TDs from everyone’s favorite WR, Julio Jones.

Hopefully the NFL is looking at this as what it really was, which is a microcosm of where the game is headed with some of these rule changes and the lack of prep these guys are getting leading up to these games, specifically these Thursday night ones. They are the worst. The only redeeming quality of Thursday night football is color rush, and we didn’t even get that last night.

The one bright spot: at least the Eagles were able to show the Pats how to run that trick play correctly.

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