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If You Drafted Le’Veon Bell and Didn’t Draft James Conner, YOU DESERVE THIS!

This is the second year in a row I have Le’Veon Bell on my roster.  It’s ALSO the second year in a row where I drafted James Conner WAY .. WAY … WAYYYY ahead of his ADP.

Listen, if you went into your draft will all the VERY public information around Bell’s situation and didn’t draft James Conner, then you deserve all the suffering and regret you’re currently experiencing.

#1. Bell did this last year, so for anyone to think that he wouldn’t repeat this in an attempt to get paid is a full blown jabroni.

#2. James Conner is legit.  He’s one of, if not the top premiere handcuff in the league. Watch some tape.  Watch him run.  It’s self-explanatory.

#3.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are BUILT TO RUN.  Literally outside of the days of Isaac Redman and that other bum whose name I can’t remember have the Steelers been at the top of the league in rushing production, ESPECIALLY when Bell has the rock.  When he didn’t have the rock, it was D’Angelo Williams literally scoring what seemed like 3 TDs a game and being one of, if not Fantasy Football’s top rusher at times.

So this is ALL ON YOU if you didn’t draft Conner.  This is precisely what you MUST do when you invest the type of draft capital you need to in order to secure Le’Veon Bell.  If you did anything other than that, then you’re either completely out of FAAB money or being held at figurative gunpoint for his services in trade.

If you did draft Conner, like myself, bravo to you.  This means you’re a sound owner.  Someone who sees the playoffs regularly in their league of record.  Now, at the moment things may be less than ideal, but I assure you, that the wait it well worth the reward and the reward will be the defeat for whomever the Bell tolls for.



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