Thanks To Hard Knocks, Jarvis Landry Is Going To Be Over-Drafted By A Million Rounds

The first episode of Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The Cleveland Browns debuted last night on HBO and it did not disappoint.  It gave you everything, including the ever apparent fact that Hue Jackson is completely clueless as a head coach.  Seriously, out of all the great things the Browns have done to improve their team, getting Gordon clean, bringing in Landry, signing Carlos Hyde and of course, taking two top 4 picks in the NFL draft, most notably 1st overall, Baker Mayfield, the ONE OUTLIER is that they retained a coach that has won 1 game in 2 years.  BROWNS GONNA BROWN!

What Hard Knocks also gave you right out the gate was this year’s Fantasy Football Hard Knocks Hype Train.  Ya see, every year that Hard Knocks airs it creates buzz around a certain player.  They make that player look UNSTOPPABLE and a MUST HAVE for fantasy owners.  I’ve even admitted to falling prey to this before and I even wrote about how I’ll probably end up falling for this fool’s gold at some point during my own draft.  Well, this year is no different.  In its first episode, Hard Knocks showcased none other than the Browns’ flashy new toy, Jarvis Landry, who apparently is just as good catching the ball with one hand as he is with two.  In fact, they made him look so good that I wouldn’t be surprised if his average draft position has crept into the top 20.

This is what I’m talking about people!  Do not fall into the trap!  Do not give in! Jarvis Landry, although a great player, will almost certainly fuck your team up for the remainder of the season.  It’s like the Madden curse.  Sure, it’s great to be featured on the cover, but the trade off is that you end up in the ER with rods sticking out of your legs, ya feel me?

My advice?  Stay away from the Browns, if not for the evidence provided, then maybe just because it’s common fuckin’ sense.


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