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Fantasy Football: Where (Cough, How High) Do You Draft Saquon Barkley?

Most fantasy football drafts are almost exactly 2 months away.  The mock drafts are starting up, twitter questions are lighting up my timeline and I’ve started to prepare my wife to be ignored on Sundays.

Without question one of the hottest topics that will be debated from now until the season opener will be where to draft Saquon Barkley.  As a Giants fan, I have a bias.  Anyone deep down would love to have their team’s rookie stud, one of the highest regarded prospects ever on their squad for an entire year, HOWEVER, I know as well as any Giants fan knows that they’ve been the absolute drizzling shits when it comes to the run game.   The offensive line is unproven, Eli is a year older and there’s a new coach in town.  At the end of the day, who knows what Barkley will bring in his rookie year.  He’s undoubtedly THE best rookie, I don’t think anyone is debating that, but in Fantasy, will he be?  Is he in the best situation possible?  All these questions lead to another question ..

Where do you draft this guy?

In the past two years we’ve seen rookie RBs explode and carry teams into the playoffs and even win a few Championships.  We’re talking Zeke Elliott a couple years back, Kareem Hunt, Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette and last year’s steal of the draft, Alvin Kamara.  Which begs the question, how high are you willing to take the top rookie RB?  In Barkley’s case, he has greater hype and more potential than every single one of those aforementioned players, Elliott included.

The easy answer is the first round.  And no, I’m not including leagues that are less than 12 teams.  In my opinion, if you play with less than 12 teams, you’re not actually playing Fantasy Football, you’re wasting your time.

If we’re looking at upside, we’re looking at a potential top 3 player in ALL of Fantasy. He’s got all the tools and an offense that sports a number of high impact players to draw attention away from him in Odell, Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard.  The big question will be the offensive line, of which the Giants did find support for by signing Nate Solder from the Patriots and drafting Guard, Will Hernandez.

If this was a year ago, I’d say he’s a top 7 pick, however, based on last year’s crop of new proven sophomore rookie RBs, I have to think he’s toward the backend of the first round.  I just can’t see owners passing up on young, proven RBs who have one year underneath their belt entering their sophomore season.   For example, do you take Kareem Hunt or Saquon Barkley?  What about Alvin Kamara.  All of the hype points to Saquon being the ultimate 3 down back.  The Giants GM, Dave Gettleman even said that he was “touch by the hand of God”.  That’s just not something you can ignore, especially when it’s your pick and all you need to do is say his name.

If I had to guess, I predict he goes anywhere from 9-16, regardless of league format (PPR vs. 1/2 Point vs. Standard).  His name is just too sexy to pass up on, even despite all the struggles of the Giants offensive line.  Someone will reach for this guy because to be honest, it’s inevitable.  After all, the name of the game is fantasy, and there’s nothing better than being the guy with the stud rookie RB who nets you 20 points every single week.  When you got that stud rookie RB, you walk faster, sleep better, look better and above all, you leave the other GMs in the dust who still think Mike Evans is a top 10 pick.

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